For a Get it Done Creative Genius…

You’re an incredible party planner. Some people call you the hostess/host with the mostess/most. Some people have ideas as great as yours. You happen to get them done. You make everything look great while at the same time getting people excited about coming through all your social media and networking channels. Everyone has a great time when you’re in charge of making things go right.

On Time Experts Marketing Coordinator

If you could plan awesome events, shoot videos, take pictures of parties, network with Radio and TV reps and build your own department of getting done creative crazies all day every day, you’d be in heaven.

I want you to have all of that.

We’re a rapidly growing company that loves to serve our employees first and customers second to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We need someone with your talent and drive to take the execution of all our marketing ideas to the next level. We’ve got the strategy. We’ve got an incredible team. We’ve got an amazing family of customers. We need someone to put the spotlight on them. We need you.

Are you ready for the big chair? Can you handle a $50K SALARY, + lots of benefits like health care, 401K, bonuses, and lots of fun working with your teammates? Welcome aboard. We can’t wait for you to make us even better.

You’re too creative for a straight-up desk job. Don’t worry, every day you’ll be doing different things…

  • Supervising a video shoot in the morning
  • Carving it into a blog post after lunch
  • Helping it come alive on social media that afternoon
  • Networking with radio and TV honchos the next day
  • Making sure graphics and logos look absolutely perfect
  • Putting the finishing touches on our community outreach party
  • Helping present free heating and cooling systems to families in needs
  • Setting up photo shoots with Randy and a bunch of kids…

But remember, you’re no intern. I want you to lead the show. You’ll be coordinating a seven-figure ad budget, running your own department.

We’re The On Time Experts. You’ve probably heard our ads. If you haven’t, check ‘em out. Get a feel for what we believe. Yep. You’ll get to do all that for an air conditioning and plumbing company that’s better than just about any other company you’ve heard of.

Thousands of people will read this ad. They’ll send us a resume after skimming through quickly. But that’d be a mistake. We need someone who reads every detail, who sees what others don’t. So if you don’t include #creative crazy in the subject line, we’re trashing your application. Won’t even open it. If you really want to send us your resumé you can, but we really want to read a letter you’ve written about why you want to work here and some stories about events you’ve organized, complete with pictures, If you attach a video you’ve put together, that’s extra credit. See, you’re already an insider, just because you pay attention to the small stuff! That’s why we want you on our team.

The On Time Experts is a family-owned business with great Google reviews. Everyone who works here is drug-free, smoke-free, background-checked with a clean driving record. No exceptions. No excuses. If you won’t pass a drug test, sayonara, amigo; skip to the next ad. We can’t hire just anyone to be a part of the incredible team we’ve put together. You’ve got to be incredible. But if you’re still reading this, chances are you’re one pretty amazing person.

I’m Randy Kelley. I started in the parts department and worked my way up to ownin’ the company.

I’ve got a whatever it takes tattoo on my heart to serve my employees and my community.

I’m serious about you succeeding and growing your career as far as you want to take it.

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Join our family of all-stars. If you can make it happen, I’ll do whatever it takes to MAKE YOUR CAREER HAPPEN. Now start applyin’. I look forward to talkin’ to ya.

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