The most important day in the life of your HVAC system is the day it’s installed. It’s not a TV. It’s not a refrigerator. You can’t just go buy it, bring it home and plug it in.

What really matters is who you have installed your system. How well are they trained? Are they cutting corners? Most homeowners don’t know installers are skipping steps that are crucial to the life of the system. If you hire the On Time Experts, you know we’re doing everything we can to make sure your system is installed perfectly.

The On Time Experts will make sure the refrigerant charge is correct and that we pull the vacuum properly to get the moisture out of the system. We’ll make sure the leaks are sealed and the duct system is the proper size.

We even have a quality control guy that comes in after the installation is done. Our installers are trying to keep that guy out of a job and his job is to make sure that he finds something wrong with the installation. It’s a check and balance system to make sure our homeowners get the best installation possible.

Make sure your system is installed properly so that it lasts you fifteen to twenty years. Call the On Time Experts at 469-336-3435.

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Randy Kelley


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