What does history have to say about hot summers in Dallas, Texas? For starters, it has much to say about the importance of heat safety.

Summer Weather Facts for Dallas, Texas

July and August are often the warmest months. The average temperature is around 96 degrees, with record highs reaching 112 – all while receiving an average of fewer than three inches of rain. Temperatures continue to rise. As the earth warms, heat waves become more common and last longer. Extreme temperatures have had adverse effects on agriculture, energy, water supply, human health, ecosystems, forests, recreation, and, of course, home comfort.

Your Air Conditioning Versus the Heat

Higher summer temperatures mean higher humidity, and high humidity makes your air conditioner work harder than usual. In some cases, humidity cancels out the cooling capabilities of your air conditioning and causes your home to feel warmer than it is.

Why is this?

Humid air contains more mass and more moisture. Most air conditioners have a hard time removing moisture. In fact, trying to cool humid air lowers air conditioner efficiency by 15%. You end up paying more to cool your home – without experiencing the same benefits.

What’s one way to promote heat safety and beat cases of high humidity?

Install Dehumidifiers to Beat Humidity

Having a dehumidifier installed on your air conditioner is one way to increase home comfort.

Dehumidifiers pull moisture from the air before passing it through the air ducts to be cooled by the air conditioner. A dehumidifier makes your air conditioning system more productive and more effective.

Summers Are Heating Up in Texas

The modern Texas summer expects to hold at least 150 calendar days with temperatures in the 90s.

Take precautions and have a dehumidifier installed on your air conditioning system today.

Practice heat safety and make the most of your air conditioning system. Download Your Ultimate Home Comfort Checklist for ways to maximize cool airflow during the hottest summer months.

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