The On Time Experts takes care of family first. And you can become a family member by joining the Front of the Line Family.

Priority Service

We serve our Front of the Line Family members before anyone else. You even get your own VIP hotline so you can get direct access to one of our care experts.

Two Tune-Ups a Year

As part of the membership, you’ll receive two high-performance tune-ups a year. And you don’t have to remember to schedule them! We’ll either call or email you to remind you that it’s time for an air conditioning or furnace tune-up.

15% Repair Discount

You’ll receive a 15% discount off the bottom line of our heating and cooling repair services.

Forever-Fixed Guarantee

Repairs are guaranteed for the life of the system. If the fan motor goes out on your outdoor unit, you only pay for the initial repair. If it goes out again, it’s covered, whether that’s one year or five years down the road.

Your Own Franklin Fund

For every year you’re a Front of the Line Family member, you’ll get $100 toward a new system. And that never resets. So if you’re a member for fifteen years, you’ll have $1,500 to put to your new system.

The On Time Experts put our Front of the Line Family first. Join our family here.

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