An AC unit is inclined to break under the weight of heavy use or poor maintenance. So, with summer’s hottest temps still on the rise, AC efficiency should be at the top of your priority list.

Many dangers are associated with heatwaves:

  • Dehydration occurs rapidly in triple-digit temperatures. Severe dehydration leads to low blood pressure, a rapid heartbeat, and loss of consciousness.
  • Muscle cramps result from lack of activity. Restore electrolytes (and balance to your body) when cramping becomes apparent.
  • Fainting happens when blood pressure drops due to extreme heat exposure.
  • Heat exhaustion causes body temperatures to rise as high as 102 degrees. Dizziness and weakness are common effects. Hospitalization may be required to restore fluids.
  • Heatstroke is a medical emergency that occurs when the body temperature rises over 105 degrees. Without prompt medical attention, heatstroke is deadly.
  • When Dallas temperatures hit extremes, your AC unit strains to cool your home. This stress often causes an AC breakdown.

Warning Signs Your AC Unit Is Breaking Down

  • Weak airflow
  • Excess noise
  • Inefficient cooling

Avoid the above symptoms by:

  • Cleaning around the AC unit
  • Changing the air filter regularly
  • Keeping the condensation line clear

Tips to Stay Cool During an AC Breakdown

If you encounter a broken air conditioner, follow these
tips to keep cool and avoid dehydration, heat stroke and other dangers:

  • Use fans to circulate air.
  • Sip water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.
  • Do not participate in physical activities unless necessary.
  • Visit a public building that offers air conditioning.

Home climate control may feel nearly impossible in a heat wave, but routine AC service calls help maintain home comfort in the hottest of temperatures.

Think it’s time to have your AC unit serviced by the professionals? Contact the On Time Experts online or call one of our locations to maintain your home comfort: 469-336-3435.

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