There are a couple of easy ways to tell if your system needs Freon in the spring or summer months.

First, is your system reaching the temperatures you are setting to? If you put your thermostat at 70 when you go to bed, and you wake up to 72, that’s a sign you might need Freon. You can also put your hand up to the grill – if it’s not chilled, that’s another easy way to tell.

Second, you’ll want to check your outdoor unit. Take a look at the refrigerant line, which has black insulation on it. You want it to be cool and sweating. If it’s warm and not sweating, you likely have a refrigerant leak.

If you notice either of those things, you definitely want to give us at the On Time Experts a call. You can’t just add Freon to any system. It’s dangerous. Per the EPA, you’re not supposed to touch any kind of refrigerant unless you have a license. If you think you have a refrigerant leak, give the On Time Experts a call at 469-336-3435

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