We love giving back to our community, so every year we do a free system giveaway for Christmas.

This year we had over four hundred nominations and it was so hard to narrow it down to one. The family we picked had fifteen nominations just for them. He is a veteran and suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s. His wife had to go into early retirement because she has to watch him around the clock now.

This couple spent the entire summer and most of the winter without any central air conditioning or heating. So we were very excited to bless them with an entire system for free.

On Christmas Eve, went up to their home with the family that nominated them and about fifteen of our staff to let them know they had won the free system giveaway. They were over the moon. It was awesome.

Of course, there were tons of tears of happiness. But I think one of the coolest parts was that we all ended up sitting in their living room and just getting to know each other. It always comes back to that family relationship for us.

It was wonderful to end 2016 on that note. We’re very thankful for the community that allows us to be a part of their family each year.


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