So, ask yourself this: Is your HVAC contractor a hack or a master?

Below are some common mistakes contractors make on the job. If you receive a home assessment and find any of these mistakes have been made, it’s time to choose a new HVAC company for your home air conditioning needs.

Have you made any carbon monoxide calls lately?

What the Hacks Do: Some contractors who are making service calls for carbon monoxide look at the furnace for cracks and leaks. If there’s no noticeable issue, the contractor may call the leak a false alarm and replace the batteries in the CO detector.

What the Experts Do: An extensive examination means-testing for flue gases and depressurization.

Are there leaks in your AC system or air ducts?

What the Hacks Do: Airflow plays a major role in the installation of air ducts. Contractors who don’t take airflow into consideration during air duct installation fail to ensure a correctly sized system.

What the Experts Do: Incorrect AC installation leads to leaks. Air ducts must be large enough to distribute heated or cooled air to the entire house. Improper measurements lead to weak air delivery. As there’s no quick fix for a leaky HVAC system, the entire ductwork should be removed and reinstalled.

There’s a rule against The Rule of Thumb.

What the Hacks Do: Some contractors rely on what has worked in the past rather than looking at every house as a separate case during air conditioning installation and maintenance.

What the Experts Do: A Rule of Thumb might act as a guideline, but precise math and measurements are involved in every home air conditioning assessment. Nothing that has worked in the past is guaranteed to work in the future.

Is your contractor looking to offer you the lowest price no matter what?

What the Hacks Do: Contractors use a low price to lure in new customers, but cutting costs typically leads to a lesser job.

What the Experts Do: Certain expenses simply can’t be cut. Offering the lowest price affects the materials and properly trained workers needed to deliver a job the right way and on time.

There are many good HVAC contractors in today’s industry. But we’ve seen the perils of not paying close attention during air conditioner maintenance and installation calls.

The best HVAC service maintains home comfort year-round. If you’re looking for ways to increase the performance of your HVAC system, send an email to your very own Comfort Consultant or call one of our locations today: 469-336-3435.

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