If you perform general routine maintenance throughout the active seasons, you know which regular tasks are needed to keep your HVAC system working properly. But when it comes to seasonal tune-ups, leaving these activities to the experts is your best bet. Read on to find out what a thorough air conditioner service entails.

  • Component Cleaning: Your HVAC service technician should be thoroughly cleaning all the nooks and crannies in your AC unit. This means any dirt or debris that builds up in the motor, compressor, and contactor needs to be washed or wiped away. It’s easy for debris to accumulate in your AC unit, especially during the off-season. But if it isn’t removed, your air conditioner is not going to work properly.
  • Air Filter Check: If your air filter is dirty, you’re sacrificing the comfort and air quality in your home. A blocked air filter makes your air conditioner work harder than it needs to, causing the motor to burn out. And if allergens have built up in your filter, it’s not purifying air efficiently anymore. With a dirty filter, your family is exposed to all the pollutants and allergens of outdoor air. The excess dirt also affects the condenser coil’s ability to cool the air, so it may start blowing out warm air.
  • Coil Cleansing: The evaporator and condenser coils in your AC unit must be clean to work properly. If the evaporator coil isn’t clean, you run the risk of clogging drainage and promoting the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. If your condenser coil is blocked with dirt or debris, it isn’t cooling air efficiently. You must use the right cleaning solution and method to clean coils, which is a job best left to the professionals.
  • Freon Level Check: When your refrigerant level is low, you have a problem. If you’re lucky, the solution is a simple recharge. But often, low Freon levels indicate a leak. You need to isolate the leak and fix it right away, a task that only an HVAC service technician is authorized to perform. Freon is a dangerous chemical, so don’t try recharging your Freon or locating a potential leak on your own.
  • Fan Belt Replacement: If your AC unit uses belts (many newer ones do not), check their condition and tension. Over time, belts begin to corrode, dry, and crack. If a belt is starting to look brittle and faded or seems loose, it needs to be replaced. Your HVAC specialist should assess the condition of the unit’s belts before the season starts and replace any belts that look worse for the wear.
  • Fan Motor and Blade Cleaning: Debris builds up on the fan blades in both the off and prime seasons. Not only is this dust dangerous for allergy sufferers in your home, but it also slows down the fan. This makes the fan work harder and your AC unit function inefficiently. Make sure the technician who’s performing your air conditioner service is paying close attention to the fan blades and motor.
  • Capacitor Cleaning: The AC capacitor is responsible for making the motor in your air conditioner start (or continue running, depending on the type of unit). If it’s dirty, your AC might not turn on at all, or the motor might intermittently cut out. Cleaning the capacitor solves the problem, so it’s a vital part of seasonal tune-ups.
  • Condensation Line Flush: The condensation line is responsible for draining the moisture that’s pulled from the air by your air conditioner-dehumidifier combo. Eventually, mildew builds up in the lines and clogs the drainage. If your condensation line is blocked, you run the risk of flooding. Because the flush requires specific solutions, it should be handled by a professional. Water alone won’t remove mildew build-up, and many chemicals are too harsh. Some homeowners mistakenly use bleach, which corrodes the pipes and condensation pan, ultimately damaging your system. Weaker solutions don’t effectively dislodge debris clogs. Let a professional handle the condensation line flush during your spring air conditioner service call.
  • If you’re handy, it’s tempting to perform all of the necessary maintenance on your HVAC system yourself. But for spring tune-ups, you’re better off calling a professional to handle your air conditioner service. With enough on your plate, seize the opportunity to get a little help from an expert.

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