Well, those occasional modifications you make in your HVAC system require extra energy. For instance, when you get home from work and blast the AC, or spike the heat up after a chilly, late-night dog walk, that causes fluctuation in room temperatures, thus burning more energy.

The solution?

The right HVAC services ensure consistently stabilized airflow and home temperatures, so those major, not to mention expensive, temperature modifications are no longer necessary. Here are the top 5 best HVAC services for maintaining healthy temperatures and ensuring efficient air circulation in your home.

1. Proper System Cleaning

A deep, sufficient cleaning of your HVAC system guarantees proper airflow into your home, as well as increased energy efficiency. There are certain cleaning tasks that are easily performed by the average homeowner, like dusting vents and washing outdoor coils. But for a deeper, safer cleaning, you’re better off seeking professional service. A qualified HVAC specialist checks internal system surfaces, drains, and evaporator fins. But more importantly, a professional technician ensures the safe handling of any fibrous glass and disposal of hazardous debris.

2. Filter Replacement

If your filters are clogged, or matted with dust, then they’re not regulating airflow as they should be. A dusty filter is also going to expel dusty air into your home, hindering air circulation, damaging your system’s internal process, and, more importantly, filling your home with unhealthy air. Replacing your filters is a simple and inexpensive task, but you may need some professional assistance in your diagnosis – you want to be sure that filter replacement is indeed your missing link to healthy airflow.

3. Duct Inspection

When your ducts are properly insulated, they dictate the quality of air that circulates through your HVAC system. It is very possible, however, for your duct system to acquire a break, or opening, in its lining. When a disconnect forms in your duct system, air escapes through it at a rather accelerated pace. This means, you’re home isn’t receiving as much air as it should – half of it is leaking out through your fractured duct system.

Schedule a professional inspection of your duct system to rule out a ripped lining as your air circulation culprit.

4. Attic Zipper Seals

Your attic is much more exposed to harsh temperatures than your primary living area is. Without an insulated cover over its entrance, your attic air travels down into your home, distorting existing airflow and raising/lowering the overall home temperature. Similarly, when your indoor HVAC blower runs, it’s pulling stagnant air and dust from your attic into your home.

An attic zipper seal also called an attic tent, seals off any drafty air leaks coming from your attic. So those harsh, dusty attic conditions never inflict upon your home temperatures.

5. Programmable Thermostats

With typical thermostats, you must manually adjust the temperature in your home. Not a complicated task, until you forget to adjust your thermostat one morning before leaving for work. And your system runs on high power all day long, increasing energy costs but also raising the temperature of your home to an unnaturally hot or cold degree.

A programmable thermostat adjusts temperature settings according to your own personal comfort preferences. These pre-set thermostats guarantee airflow only as needed – when your home temperature drops below/rises above a certain degree. So your home remains ventilated all day long, but you don’t pay for all-day ventilation.

Stabilized home temperatures and healthy air circulation is essential for lowering utility costs and providing clean airflow in your home. Make sure you perform, or call a professional to perform, these 5 simple HVAC services, and guarantee adequate and sustainable ventilation in your home.

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