The On Time Experts strive to treat your home even better than we treat our own. We respect your space and do everything we can to protect it.


We want to show our respect from the very beginning, so we’ll never park in a spot that blocks your driveway or your mailbox. We’ll ask you to make sure we’ve parked our van in a spot that’s convenient for you and your family.

Shoe Covers

When we get to the door, we’ll put on shoe covers so that we protect your floors. We’re out in backyards with dogs and dirt throughout the day, and we don’t want to track anything into your home.

Drop Cloths

We always lay drop cloths underneath pull-down staircases so that dirt doesn’t fall all over the floor when we pull them down. If you have hardwood flows, we lay cardboard underneath the drop cloth, in case we drop a screwdriver or something heavy. And we’ll always place components on a drop cloth, rather than your carpet or flooring.

We want to leave your home looking as if we were never even there. Schedule your service or repair with the On Time Experts today.

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Randy Kelley


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