Environmentalists are not letting up on their demands, and HVAC manufacturers are finally starting to take action. Eco-friendly homeowners have been pushing to increase HVAC efficiency, lower CO2 emissions and improve overall environmental health. And through various developments in higher-efficiency HVAC parts and system capabilities, it seems that HVAC experts are obliging:

  • Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) Refrigerants
  • Custom, or “application optimized,” compressors
  • Part-load efficiencies

While these solutions to large-scale issues are underway within the realms of professional heating and cooling, it’s just as important for homeowners to be proactive in their own approach to energy efficiency.

With the demands of children and full-time jobs, it may seem like there’s no time to schedule HVAC repair, let alone look into technical energy-saving efficiencies. But you don’t have to push the limits of political protest with your eco-friendly efforts. If you’re looking to maintain energy efficiency with your HVAC unit and find simple ways to contribute to environmental reform, there are plenty of small-scale strategies to accomplish this.

Top Energy-Saving Tactics

  1. Regularly change filters for AC and heating units.
  2. Adjust the thermostat (raising the temperature by one degree saves 7-10 percent on cooling costs).
  3. Install solar screens (cuts down on energy costs by allowing you to produce some of your own electricity).
  4. Set water heater temperature to 120 degrees.
  5. Add insulation (prevents air leaks, keeping warm air out and cool air in).
  6. Insert a vent on the roof to lower temperatures in the attic.
  7. Purchase rooftop solar shingles to offset energy use.
  8. Install ceiling fans.
  9. In Your Bathroom

  10. Run full loads of laundry and dishes.
  11. Replace toilets with low-flow or dual-flush models.
  12. Repair dripping faucets.
  13. Wash laundry in warm or cool water and rinse in cold water.
  14. Clean the dryer’s lint filter after every load.

In Your Kitchen

  • Clean with vinegar or products free of phosphates, chlorine and petroleum distillates.
  • Opt for concrete countertops and floors.
  • In Your Yard

  • Inspect sprinklers for leaks.
  • Collect rain water to water the plants and lawn.
  • Plant drought-tolerant shrubs and perennials and give them the proper amount of sunlight.
  • Start a compose pile.
  • Use a manual lawnmower.
  • Plant trees.

Doing your part with energy-saving tactics doesn’t have to be difficult. Your options range from planting a tree to modifying your thermostat every once in a while. As environmental standards are strengthened among customers and professionals, HVAC efficiency and energy-saving solutions are becoming top priorities. Homeowners don’t have to righteously reform and inspire government action. Every small eco-friendly tactic encourages change and contributes to the bigger picture.

Want to learn more about energy-saving tactics that increase HVAC efficiency? Contact your very own Comfort Consultant today!

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