Allergies always become more problematic in the spring and summer months, which is largely a product of the warmer, drier air. Obviously, you’re not able to humidify the outdoors, but there are a number of ways that a humidifier benefits you and your life. A humidifier combats dry air by raising the amount of atmospheric water vapor in your home.

Problems with Dry Air

The reason why allergies are heightened in the warm seasons is that dry air creates an environment in which disease flourishes. When humidity levels remain between 45 and 55 percent, pathogens die up to 20 times faster than when these levels are below 20 percent. A dry atmosphere soaks up whatever moisture is in the air. And when your nose and throat dry out, they aren’t as well equipped to fight bacteria.

How A Humidifier Benefits Your Home

  1. A cool-mist humidifier raises the humidity levels in your home and freshens up your air. Overall, it promotes a better quality of life. Here are more specific ways in which a humidifier benefits you and your home:
  2. It reduces static electricity. When air is dry, static electricity builds, which fatigues the human body. Proper humidification reduces or eliminates static electricity.
  3. It rids the feeling of “cotton mouth.” Humidity is moisture in the air, which keeps your mouth from becoming so dry.
  4. It protects the wood in your home. Wood shrinks as it’s dried out. Moldings, wood furniture, wood floors and other wood furnishings are all affected by dry air. A humidifier protects these wood items from cracking when they become dry.
  5. It reduces discomfort and fatigue. Dry air lessens oxygen supply, leaving you feeling tired.
  6. It lowers susceptibility to colds. The self-cleansing function of the windpipe is disturbed by dry air, which puts you at risk of developing infections and respiratory tract issues.
  7. It prevents chapped lips, dry, red eyes and dry, itchy skin. When air is dry, it draws moisture from wherever possible, including these areas of your body.
  8. It helps babies feel and sleep better. Just as dry air causes you discomfort, it also irritates infants, affecting their sleeping and breathing patterns.
  9. It aids in recovering from colds. Proper humidification reduces the dry air in passages and nasal membranes, allowing you to rest more soundly and recover sooner.
  10. It shrinks dust levels. Whereas dry air causes dust to rise, humidity binds it.
  11. It reduces negative effects on musical instruments. For those of you with pianos or other instruments, dry air causes them to fall out of tune. Humidifiers keep your instruments in tune longer.
  12. It keeps your voice tuned. Even if you don’t use your voice as an instrument, humidification helps keep your throat and nasal passages clear while preventing respiratory ailments.
  13. It eases asthma. If you suffer from breathing problems, reasonably humid air is your friend.

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