Lack of regular maintenance is the number one killer of HVAC systems. Your blower motor might go out, or the control board might fail, but ultimately, these components fail because they aren’t cleaned and maintained.

A dirty HVAC system runs like a car with cardboard in front of the radiator on a hot summer day. It’s not going to breathe properly. Dirt puts a lot of stress on smaller components. If we keep them clean, they’ll last longer.

You put more miles on your HVAC system each year than you do on your car. You change your oil every three to five thousand miles, so why wouldn’t you maintain your hardworking HVAC system as well?

We recommend preparing your system twice a year. When you’re a Front of the Line Family member, the On Time Experts come out to your house once in the spring to get it ready for summer, and once in the fall to get it ready for winter. We’ll check out your entire system, clean your outdoor unit, check your blower motors, oil anything that needs to be oiled and tighten all of your electrical connections.

Once we’re inside, we’ll oil your motors, and check your blowers to see if they are dirty. We’ll blow out drain lines to make sure they are good and clear. We spend an hour or more each time we’re at your home to get you ready for the new season.

To schedule that type of service, just call us at 469-336-3435. You’ll be well on your way to preventing premature HVAC failure.

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