In Dallas, it seems like when it gets hot, those one-truck, HVAC guys come out of the woodwork. You see them driving around with Freon tanks and stuff in the back of a truck. It may be tempting to hire the cheap guys, but what are they doing to protect you?

Look, I’m not saying they’re bad people, but if you’re going to ask somebody to come into your home to deal with electricity and gas, you have to know they are insured and bonded. It’s a real shame that companies work without it. You should not be in business if you don’t have insurance to protect your workers and customers.

If a technician is on your property and gets hurt without insurance or worker’s compensation, that’s your responsibility. I’ve heard horror stories in my thirty-plus years. We’ve seen houses burn down because the air conditioning guy didn’t do the job properly. What if that company has no insurance? You’re out of a home.

Anyone can install the boxes, but who can guarantee your satisfaction and safety? An experienced, licensed, and bonded company. When you need service this summer, make sure your family is protected. Call the On Time Experts at 469-336-3435.

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Randy Kelley


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