Think of your water heater like your car; it takes a little maintenance to keep it running smoothly. I’m not saying you have to check your water heater once a month, but make sure you have a professional look at it at least once a year.

Our water isn’t the cleanest stuff, so sediment collects in the water heater. The more it builds up, the less hot water you’re going to get. It has to work a lot harder and will cost you more on your electricity or gas bill. So, we recommend flushing the tank once a year.

We also need to check the anode rod, which collects all the particles from the water to keep your tank safe. If it isn’t working properly, all the chemicals in your water start attacking the tank.

Lack of maintenance will shorten the life of your water heater by about two to five years. You’ll probably first notice an issue when you start receiving less hot water than you’re used to.

Give us a call before that happens, and get the most life out of your current water heater. Our number is 469-336-3435

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