You LOVE fixin’ stuff. You LOVE MAKIN’ PEOPLE HAPPY EVEN MORE. Ya put smiles on the faces of moms and kids, ’cause you think of everyone you meet like family.

You’re neat, clean, and ROCK SOLID HONEST. Drug tests and background checks never worry you. A fun Saturday for you is taking things apart and putting ‘em back together again.

On Time Experts Hiring HVAC Technician

YOU WANT MORE than your current job’s givin’ you. You’re a fast learner. Neighbors call for everything from a busted garbage disposal to changin’ spark plugs. Lately you’ve been thinkin’ it’s time for your family to come out on top, You want to BUILD A CAREER and do better for your spouse and kids.

I want you to have that career and make a ton of money plus a bunch of benefits, we’re talkin’ start at $60K and the sky’s the limit. Shoot, I started out at the bottom of the service department and worked my way up to owning the company.

We’re building the best air conditioning and plumbing company in D/FW. And I want you to be part of our team of repair all-stars. Yep, you heard right. You can make lots of money repairing air conditioners if you got the character I just talked about. You don’t need experience. You need the right attitude.

We can train you on the skills that make an HVAC expert, if you’re excited to learn. And I’m more than happy to hire and pay equally women and men. In fact, women who work as technicians usually make more than men with us, because people trust ’em so quickly.

Randy Kelley

Now here’s the part that scares off people who are a bad fit…

You Gotta Be Able To:

  • Make technical explanations simple for families
  • Listen to what they want more than what you want to sell them
  • Figure out what’s goin’ on wrong now and protect families from what’s about to go wrong
  • Muscle air conditioners into 130 degree attics
  • Work on hands and knees for hours
  • Keep working until that system’s tuned to peak efficiency
  • Wipe yourself off, come downstairs, and smile like it was nothin’
  • Spend even more time bein’ nice to the kids or fixin’ lightbulbs that are out.

It’s your pleasure helpin’ families experience comfort in their home. We WILL train you to be the top HVAC fix-it gal or guy we KNOW you can be. YOU WON’T BE WORKIN’ ENDLESS HOURS that keep you away from your family. I’m talkin’ 40-45 hours a week with vacation and everything. Sure, sometimes our family’s gonna need help late at night, and you’ll be the one to go. And when that happens, you gotta to be just as sharp and friendly as in the day. But we’ll make sure you get paid overtime and get time to recover.

If that sounds like it’s right up your alley, USE THE FORM to send me an email. Don’t include a resumé. I ain’t checkin’ your spelling or the cool sounding jobs you were miserable at. Just tell me what you want in your career and what you love most about the idea of being a technician.

You might notice that I bolded some stuff you shouldn’t do and didn’t bold some stuff I want you to do. That’s cause I need people who check details. Who really listens and follows instructions. If you’re reading this, you’re doing a good job so far. I am gonna make sure that your BACKGROUND CHECK IS CLEAN. Plus you gotta have a CLEAN DRIVING RECORD before I let ya in our magic orange trucks stocked every day with the parts and tools you need.

WE HAVE FUN AT WORK. We celebrate birthdays and get fired up at all our meetings. We’ve even got a competition to see which teams give the best service to our family. Ain’t no way you can win unless you got a whatever it takes tattoo on your heart, Meanin’ you’ll do whatever it takes to make it right for our customers (our family), WHATEVER… IT… TAKES.

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Join our family of all-star technicians and installers. If you can make it happen, I’ll do whatever it takes to MAKE YOUR CAREER HAPPEN. Now APPLY FOR THE JOB by clicking the button below. I look forward to talkin’ to ya.

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