When our company started thirty years ago, we were essentially just a repair company. A technician came to the home, found the problem, fixed it, and left. We’ve changed the way we do business since then.

We found that running eight to ten calls a day wasn’t giving the homeowners what they deserved. So instead of running ten calls a day, we’re running three or four.

Educating the consumer is now our priority. We let you know everything that’s going on with your HVAC system. We’re not just going to come in, fix an issue, and leave. It’s been a huge change in the way we do business.

Say you go to the doctor for flu symptoms, and he fixes it that, but he also sees a spot on your arm. He doesn’t say anything. Well, a few months go by, and it turns into cancer. You’d be upset knowing you were just at the doctors, and he didn’t say anything. That’s the philosophy we use when we’re diagnosing your system.

We want to make sure you know any potential problems that could be down the road. It’s your choice as to whether or not you do anything about it, but at least you know all of your options.

The On Time Experts Experts are committed to providing the highest level of service so that your HVAC system is efficient, long-lasting, and safe for your family.

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Randy Kelley


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