“Programming Your Thermostat.” If you don’t know anything about programmable thermostats and their cost-cutting capabilities, take a step back to last week’s post. If you want to know more about programmable thermostats, and possibly try one out in your home, contact the Comfort Consultants at On Time Experts. If you just want to explore airflow maximization through air vent control (the next energy-saving solution in The Ultimate Home Comfort Checklist, then you’re in the right place.

The Main Function Of Your Air Vents

Air vents are essential to the heating or cooling process because they assist in distributing and circulating airflow. Your vents act a passage for airflow throughout your home – you probably have some high up on your walls or low to the floor. The most important fact to remember about air vents, though: they only work when they’re open!

How Air Vents Impact Energy Costs

You might think that closing vents in certain rooms saves you money – you cut off a portal, so you must have eliminated some sort of additional energy cost, right?

While we wish heating and cooling costs operated that simply, here’s the reality: when you close certain air vents, and leave others open, you disrupt airflow, and leave your system breathing through a jumbled pipeline. When your HVAC unit can’t breathe properly, air can’t circulate properly, and your system begins to lose efficiency fast. When that happens, your HVAC uses additional energy to compensate for the gaps in airflow.

Maximizing Airflow Through Open Air Vents

As we mentioned before, the one thing you need from your air vents (at least, for energy savings) is full ventilation – all vents open, all the time. If you leave some vents open and some closed, you disrupt your unit’s “breathing” passages and create a need for extra energy. If all your air vents are open, your HVAC has an easy time breathing, ensuring adequate airflow and performing more efficiently. More importantly, you have an easier time paying for energy costs because they’re finally within reason.

Open-air vents – secret number four for ultimate home comfort and energy savings. If you’re unsure whether or not your vents are in proper working order, or you want additional information on maximizing airflow, contact your dedicated Comfort Consultants by clicking here. [links to; contact us] Otherwise, get ready for next week, when we present item number 5 on The Ultimate Home Comfort Checklist!

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